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'The Stair Home' on Lake Coeur d'Alene is up for sale

Don't skip leg day if you're looking to buy this home.
Credit: Realtor.com

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho — A unique lakefront home is up for sale in Coeur d’Alene and if you’re interested in buying it, start you leg workouts now.

It’s known as “The Stair Home.” The house sits on just over an acre of land and is a short boat ride away from Higgens Point, according to an article by Realtor.com.

The home is five stories and is only 936-square feet. It doesn’t have a legal bedroom or bathroom. It does have a deck that runs the length of building and multiple rooftop decks. The kitchen has a refrigerator, deep freeze, granite countertops, custom cabinets and a microwave.  There’s no running water and the toilet is an incinerating model. It can be all yours for $695,000.

“There’s nothing else like this home on the lake. The architecture is a very unique design, something that you won’t find very often,” listing agent, Lisa Ciraulo told Realtor.com. “It was an idea that the seller had and just wanted to kind of work with it and see it grow.”

The house was built on stilts. Ciraulo said the owner wanted a place for his family to “escape it all.”

According to the article, the home is close to town, has 100 feet of lake frontage and a 900 square foot dock.

The agent told Realtor.com that the home was designed as a home base for lake life and to host gatherings.

Ciraulo also said completing the building of the home was a battle for the current owner.

“He’s spent like 15-plus years in court, getting the project approved, making it legal, and making it all happy with the county and the city,” Ciraulo told Realtor.com. “He designed it and had it reviewed and modified by an engineering company, so it all has been super expertly crafted.”  

The house has been on the market since April 5.