For the first time, Starbucks is launching a second holiday cup during the same season.

The Seattle-based chain will start serving beverages in a revamped version of its iconic red holiday cup on Tuesday. This version has a white heart framed by two hands coming together.

Customers are invited to write the name of someone in the heart "to recognize those who fill their heart and embody goodness this holiday season," according to the company.

The cartoon-like design may remind drinkers of Starbucks' first holiday cup of the season, which was unveiled on Nov. 1. That color-in cup and this new red cup were illustrated by Jordan Kay of the Starbucks Creative Studio.

Both are part of the company's "Give Good" holiday theme this year.

In past years, Starbucks has had multiple designs of the same holiday cup, but they launched in stores at the same time, Starbucks said.

The coffee-shop chain's 2015 red holiday cup was derided for not being festive enough, because it was plain. In 2016, the company used 13 different designs for its holiday cup.

The company's holiday cup tradition began 20 years ago.

Starbucks stock closed at $55.91, down 89 cents or 1.57%, on Monday.