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'One number can change everything': website reverses course of Silverwood ticket price

Silverwood passes from being on the top 10 amusement parks with the highest ticket price increase in the last four years to being on the list of the lowest.

ATHOL, Idaho — A little communication goes a long way.

Silverwood Theme Park public relations manager Stephanie Sampson harnessed the power of communication — and hard data — to dispute Silverwood's ranking in a DealA study about ticket price increases.

After reviewing Sampson's correspondence, consumer coupon website DealA updated Silverwood's ranking, as reported by our news partner the Coeur d'Alene Press

Rather than placing sixth on the "Top 10 Amusement Parks with the Highest Price Increase Since 2017" list, DealA reversed course to accurately represent Silverwood's price changes. It is now No. 9 on the list of amusement parks with the lowest ticket price increase in the last four years.

"There’s so much information out there. One number can change everything," Sampson said Monday. "I know Silverwood. I've worked there my whole life since I was 14 and I know where our heart lies. I wanted Silverwood to be represented properly."

It didn't sit well with Sampson when she read the Feb. 21 Press article, "Even fun can't escape rising costs." She told DealA that Silverwood was "unfortunately misrepresented" in the "Ticket Price Inflation" report.

She said in an email to a representative of DealA that Silverwood periodically assesses its pricing throughout the year to ensure it is aligned with the needs of cast members, guests and the marketplace.

"Silverwood has continued to grow and has maintained its status as the largest theme park in the inland Northwest over the last five years," she wrote. "Even with the increased demand, limited capacity concerns and a minimum wage increase 83% over the previous five years, we have managed to have a smaller price increase than the top 10 theme parks listed on the DealA website."

In 2017, Silverwood's starting wage for employees 16 and older was $8.75. It is now $16 per hour.

Sampson shared Silverwood's tiered pricing system and how 2017 was the first year the theme park offered discounted offseason tickets. That price was $39, the lowest ticket price offered for the 2017 season.

"Fast forward to the 2022 season, and we now offer a Black Friday ticket, a Cyber Monday ticket, an early bird ticket and a preseason ticket," she wrote. "If you want to compare the ticket featured in the article, the lowest priced ticket for the upcoming season, then it would be fair to look at our Black Friday Sale. For the week leading up to Black Friday, we offered a one-day ticket at $46 that is valid for any day during the 2022 season. That is only a $7 increase from 2017 which equates to a 17.9% increase. Looking back to the article, a 17.9% increase in ticket sale would place us at No. 9 on the 'Top 10 Lowest Ticket Price Increase” list.'"

The representative thanked Sampson and quickly updated the information at deala.com/blog/ticket-price-inflation to accurately reflect Silverwood's position on the list.

"Silverwood's mission is to create memorable experiences for our guests and cast members by providing an environment that produces lasting memories," marketing and entertainment director Jordan Carter said. "From admission and food prices to cast member wages, we continue to work hard to ensure that the quality that Silverwood is known for coincides with the value that brings people back for generations."

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