SPOKANE, Wash.-- On Monday North Central High School students were put to the ultimate test to see who could survive what many of us call "adulting."

BECU employees put students through real life scenarios to see who could remain financially responsible under different job occupations.

It has been estimated that 50 percent of the population would not be able to handle a $400 emergency because of their financial status.

That's why about 170 Spokane area BECU employees committed the day as part of their "Closing for Good" event, to help 650 students from North Central High School plan for the future.

Juniors and seniors at the high school were each given a job occupation and a salary that they had to make some important financial decisions with.

Students had to then decide on transportation, housing, eating habits and many other real-life expenses.

BECU employees said the event has always been very successful.

"The students are saying thank you, they are saying I didn't realize the pressure that my parents are under in having to make decisions on what to buy, what not to buy, that I will be a little bit more thoughtful," said Steve Hauschild, market leader and director of business services for BECU. "It's just an opportunity for them to get a financial reality check."

Towards the end of the event, students were evaluated on how well they did and then BECU employees were able have a "heart to heart" talk with students as they continue to think about their futures.

BECU also donated 100 Kindles to the high school that were used during the event.

If parents would like to talk to their children about financial planning, BECU has created a guide with helpful tips.