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How to save money on your energy bill during cold snap

It's possible to stay warm and save money even with unusually cold weather.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Cold weather has forced households to turn on their heat earlier than usual and their pockets have taken a hit because of it.

Avista has a list of low to no-cost energy saving tips to help reduce that problem and it starts with checking the temperature on your thermostat.

According to Avista, heating can account for up to 60 percent of monthly energy cost which is why bills take a jump during the winter.

An ideal temperature for when your home during the day is going to be 68 degrees and 65 degrees when not home. A drop in three degrees can save up to 10 percent of energy.

It's not just the thermostat you should be checking for. In the winter, Avista suggests you do a sweep of your house to check for any possible drafts that could be seeping in.

Installing a weather strip or door sweeps will save you tons of money in the long run because cold air that gets in will only make heating sources work harder and waste more energy.

With the cold weather sticking around, remember it only takes three days of colder temperatures for your house to notice the difference in energy used.

Staying on top of the thermostat could change your reaction to the next bill.

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