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Spokane parking ticket fees double at the end of June

The increase will be effective on Monday, June 28.
Credit: City of Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — If you get a parking ticket later this month, don't be surprised if it is a little more expensive than usual.

The City of Spokane is raising parking ticket fees beginning June 28, 2021.

The fines for parking violations will increase from $15 to $30. 

The change comes after a 2019 Downtown Parking Study recommended the city increase violation fines because the current amount was not high enough to change behaviors. 

The city released a statement about the fines on their website.

"Parking tickets are a way to adjust parking behaviors and encourage safety. If people have positive habits, parking naturally becomes easy, convenient, and accessible for everyone," they wrote.

There will still be a late fee of $25 added if the ticket is unpaid after 15 days.

Also, if someone has four or more unpaid parking tickets, they are put on a scofflaw list and the car will get the boot. Once booted, unless tickets and fees are paid within 48 hours, the car will be towed. 

For a full list of the vehicle violations and fines, click here.