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New apartments open for low-income Spokane families | Boomtown

Take Up the Cause said every tenant at Beloved Sunset apartments makes 60% or less than the area median income (AMI) and rent is based on an individual's income.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Local affordable housing provider, Take Up the Cause (TUTC), received a $10 million grant from the Washington Department of Commerce and $1 million from the City of Spokane to open Beloved Sunset Apartments.

The newly-renovated apartment complex is set to make Spokane more affordable and accessible for more than 50 low-income families and individuals.

Qualifying tenants at Beloved Sunset apartments must make 60% or less than the area median income (AMI).

The complex includes 14 units for people experiencing homelessness and 42 units for permanent supportive housing.

Wednesday, TUTC executive director Chauncey Jones showed director of commerce Mike Fong the result of 11 months of collaboration. He said conversations around the project began as early as September 2022.

"Housing is tough for everyone," Jones said.

Jones said providing housing opportunities for low-income individuals is a stepping stone to a more stable life.

"It's amazing that the more you help people, the more you become blessed," Jones said. "So, I feel to continue to be a good steward, again, surrounding myself with tremendous board, Take Up the Cause board, and people in the community who want to see this pathway forward, continuing moving forward in a housing crisis. So to me, it's just doing what I'm supposed to do as a good store so that we can be blessed over more projects like this."

Beloved Sunset Apartments has two and one bedroom units, including some specifically designed to be ADA accessible.

Jones shared how Black, Indigenous and other people of color can be disproportionally-affected by the housing crisis.

"Not only are BIPOC communities at the top when it comes to homelessness, a high percentage of that, but also the lowest when it comes to homeownership and then paying so much of their monthly income towards rent," Jones said. "So we can be at the lead of that to start learning how to do it right. Learning what it means to be in housing at the forefront."

Fong said it's a state priority to get more affordable housing built across Washington.

"Last year, we put out over $600 million for affordable housing production across the state, Fong shared. "Part of that was a new program to really focus in on rapid housing acquisition opportunities. So with this project, they applied for funding for our department. In very short order, now we're seeing this come to come to life and become a real opportunity for folks."

Fong said Beloved Sunset Apartments will play an integral part in the future of Washington housing.

"We just did a recent study that over the next 20 years, we're going to need over 1.1 million housing units to meet demand and growth in this state," Fong said. "Part of that, over half of those units will need to be affordable for folks making under 80% of median income."

Jones said the project was supported by nine organizations including Empire Health Foundation, Restoration Church and Spokane Housing Authority.

Jones said access to resources like healthcare and childcare are next steps in the holistic approach to equity.  

He said nine tenants have already moved in and there's a wait list for others looking to live at Beloved Sunset.

He said people can join the wait list by calling (509) 601-0445 or emailing BelovedSunsetApts@KiemleHagood.com.

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