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Here's what's included in the $23 million renovation proposal for Avista Stadium

The upgrades will be made from now during offseason and needed to be completed prior to the beginning of the 2026 baseball season.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Avista Stadium could get $23 million in renovations over the next four years after a facility report assessment.

Spokane County hired ALSC Architects to provide the stadium's assessment and planning services that proposed 24 renovations to the Spokane Indian's Avista Stadium to ensure compliance with Major League Baseball regulations (MLB). Other upgrades include new spectator amenities and other potential campus improvements.  

The new regulations are primarily for player, coaching staff and team support facilities. The upgrades are slated for completion prior to the beginning of the 2026 baseball season. 

Some Avista Stadium renovations will only happen if the Spokane county and the Indian staff team want them. According to the report, much of the stadium was constructed in the early 1950’s with subsequent improvements and additions completed within the last 10 years, and many of its facilities don't meet the MLB standards.

The stadium concessions building that was built in 2013 is not up to MLB standards, as it was not designed for cold-weather operations. Additionally, the existing ball field surface is non compliant due to uneven grades and a lack of sufficient drainage. 

The costs of the project needed to satisfy standards by 2026, will cost between $12-14 million to the county and team, well under the projected costs of replacing the stadium. The whole cost for the remodeling of the stadium's facilities is estimated to cost almost $23 million.

Some of the Avista Stadium renovation proposals to be complete in the next four years include the following: 

Proposed improvement projects to be completed by March 2022

  • Field renovations
  • Temporary measures
  • Weatherize concessions building
  • Temporary heat/heat trace
  • New field lighting
  • New video board and retrofit of scoreboard

Proposed improvement projects to be completed by March 2023

  • Remodeling and addition of a home clubhouse
  • Relocation of Avista Stadium maintenance building
  • New batting cage
  • Pitching tunnel and workout building
  • Outfield wall
  • Legends lookout improvements
  • Stadium structural condition assessment

Proposed projects that are expected to be complete by March 2024 

  • Remodel and addition of the visitor clubhouse
  • Full renovation of the field
  • Bullpen relocation and a fence
  • Dugouts replacement and expansion
  • Improvements of the landscape
  • Realignment of the new visitor’s clubhouse concourse fence

Potential plans for Spokane Fair and Expo Center in March 2025

  • Addition of a Pedestrian Plaza from Parks and recreation building to Entrance Plaza
  • New entrance gate at southwest corner
  • New fairgrounds building
  • Relocation of the administration to parks and recreation building