SPOKANE, Wash. -- There is never a need to feel threatened or to walk "alone" again. Today personal panic buttons drop to their lowest prices, in my attempt to protect your wallet and your loved ones.

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I started testing personal panic buttons when several people in my wife's graduate program were car-jacked or confronted at gun point in the very early hours of the evening after leaving class.

The React Side Kick is the ultimate personal panic button because it shares your location and other crucial pieces of information with your network, loved ones or the authorities and there are no subscription feesl

Ideal for any shift worker, runner, college student, a spouse, someone who wants added safety, real estate agents or for clipping to a child's backpack, this is the best $49.99 you can spend today.

The React Mobile Side Kick:

- works with Apple or Android smartphones

- alerts your custom contact list if you ever feel unsafe

- free app installs in seconds

- comes with activity clip for runners and a keychain backpack clip

- has no subscription fees

- lowest recorded price today

$20 Off New React Mobile Sidekick + Free Shipping

Was: $70.00

Now: $49.99

**Our full demo with a local student is right here.

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