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BUY IT NOW: $40 off Super Tri Charger with back-up generator and free shipping

I have never in my life seen such an ingenious fast wireless charger. It's also unlikely you would have seen anything like this unless you were at CES 2019.

I don't really know where to start since I am so overwhelmed by this charger's capabilities. Yes, I know I'm a geek, but imagine being able to unplug a charger and still have it power your device!

This one device has it all:

  • It's a charger that has USB-A, USB-C and an LCD digital display  
  • It's a mobile 6700 mAh Power Bank 
  • It offers Qi wireless charging

The super Tri-Power Charger can power or charge your products like any other top charger while it's plugged in. It can charge two smartphones and a laptop, a drone, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, AirPods, a portable massager, a small air conditioner system — you name it. Then the magic happens.

Once you unplug the adapter, it continues to work. It not only has its own back-up power in but it also has a power bank and a fast wireless charger built in. The second you unplug it from the wall, the super charger transitions in to a portable charger with everything you'd ever want to give you power on the go!

There are no more dead smartphone batteries, no more worrying about a power outage or blackout and no more over-charging. The super charger has a built-in computer chip that determines the charging needs of iPhones, Android, tablets and more. It will charge FOUR devices simultaneously (depending on charge load).

It's roughly the size of a MacBook charger and almost identical in design. Click play to watch me power a smartphone, headphones, an iPad Pro and a portable air conditioner without any link to a wall outlet!

This is a perfect gift for dad, a grad and anyone who wants high efficiency power on the go.

Features of the Decibel Tri-Power Charger:

  • Power and charge up to four devices simultaneously
  • Includes two USB ports, one USB-C port and one wireless charger contact
  • Back up generator works anywhere
  • Charger has a built-in power bank and NFC charge pad
  • Digital display shows you how much "juice" you have remaining
  • Works with any iPhone or Android phone that supports wireless charging
  • Charge any older iPhone or Android older smartphone via USB
  • USB C Charger will quickly power tablets and other devices
  • Highly portable and ready for a briefcase, backpack or pocket
  • Smart ID technology identifies charging needs of any device
  • Will not over-power or over-charge a device
  • Highest-rated safety and power efficiency product ratings
  • Ideal for blackouts, power outages and emergency situations
  • No more searching for a wall outlet on the go or at the airport

BUY IT NOW: $40 off Super Tri Charger with back-up generator and free shipping
Was: $79.99
Now: $39.99

**Wireless charger is compatible with all Qi enabled devices such as iPhone 8, 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Note 9, S8, S8 Plus, S9, S9 Plus, Google Pixel & more! Full list available here


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