BUY IT NOW: Save $30 off on the Scanmarker Air Wireless OCR Pen Scanner

If you’re a notetaker, then you know how tedious and inefficient the process can be. You highlight important stuff and make margin notes, then attempt to read your notes to translate them to either a typed document or notecards. It’s how most of us were taught to study, but it’s no longer the most effective way. Instead, what if you could make that process, say, 30 times faster? That’s what the Scanmarker Air Wireless OCR Pen Scanner can do.

The Scanmarker is a digital highlighter that wirelessly transfers printed text into an application or web browser 30 times faster if you were to type it up yourself. Basically, all you do is highlight words the same way you would normally with a highlighter. In just one second, it scans the full line of text and, after turning it into a RAW image, uses OCR technology to bring it into Word documents, Excel, Gmail, Facebook, and the like. Oh, and it can also translate your text into over 40 different languages and read it back to you as it scans. The future is pretty cool.

Not only could this help students study more efficiently and effectively, but it could also be used by lawyers, researchers, and readers who enjoy taking notes. It’s basically the same size as a regular highlighter, so it’s incredibly portable, and you never have to worry about running out of ink! Oh, and if you ever need to read UPC or EAN codes, the Scanmarker can capture that data for you too.

Usually $119, you can swipe the Scanmarker Air Wireless OCR Pen Scanner for just $89 from

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