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BUY IT NOW: $70 off Focal Wireless Headphones with free shipping

Are you still using those sub-par free headphones that came with your iPhone or Android phone? A deal drop from one of the highest-end audio brands in honor of St. Patrick's Day is music to my ears (and not just for the sound of bagpipes).

Audio has come a long way. Bluetooth headphones manufactured even just two or three years ago sound completely different from today's models.

High-end audio brand Focal builds headphones that adjust based on the music you're listening to with noise cancellation. The second a call comes in, the headphones re-adjust to provide isolation. They stay in better than most competing pairs of headphones.

While I would not pay the MSRP of $130, the typical sales price of $50 is well worth it and the St. Patrick's Day 2019 deal drop price of $29.99 is ludicrous!

Click the play button to watch my jump tests and how well these headphones stay in my ears.

Features of the Focal Spark Wireless In-Ear Headphones:

  • Call quality surpassed any of the other hands-free systems at double the price.
  • Ideal for workouts, the beach, pool or hiking — and they stay in!
  • Powerful bass was on par with headphones at triple the price.
  • Includes three different ear tips.
  • Noise isolation technology made this a top pick for the gym and in noisy environments.
  • Works with any Bluetooth device including Apple and Android smartphones.
  • Provided a whopping 9 hours of talk time in our tests.
  • Accessories fit any ear size and anti-slip technology keeps them in place.
  • Inline remote served as a bonus given the price.
  • Ideal for commutes, busy cities, audio books and music streaming.
  • Lowest-recorded price today.

BUY IT NOW: $70 off Focal Wireless Headphones with free shipping
Was: $99.99
Now: $29.99
***Choice of black, silver or rose gold


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