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BUY IT NOW: $12 off Caroli EVOO two large bottles with free delivery

Prepare for an olive oil shortage! No, this is not a scare tactic, nor do I even want to be writing this article because I am obsessed with EVOO. In my quest to save you cash, it is also my duty as a deal-hunter to prepare you for mark-ups. 

With that being said, since I am writing this article from London, I’ll cite an article from the Times of London stating that Italian olive oil will run out this month, and that prices are expected to soar. Other news organizations have also reported that Italian olive oil is running out. With EVOO prices increasing by 30 percent this season, I figured it was time to find and share a deal

While other countries will compensate for the shortage, just as you would not necessarily want a nice Bordeaux from China, your olive oil will not taste the same when the more affordable options make their way to local grocery stores. 

Thankfully, one of the best Olive Oils you can buy is on sale because the merchant liquidating stock will be offering an alternate brand. Caroli EVOO is an award-winning brand straight from Italy. Ideal for cooking, dipping or marinades, Caroli Organic EVOO is almost never on sale. It’s 100 percent cold-pressed and USDA organic meaning you can feel good about what you consume and today your wallet can too. Click the play button to learn more about today’s deal. It was delicious in all of my tests. 

What to know about Caroli Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

  • 100 percent Cold Pressed USDA Organic
  • Low acidity, rich in monounsaturated fats and antioxidants
  • Perfect for dipping your bread, cooking with it or just finishing your plates
  • Made in Italy
  • All-natural and lowest recorded price

BUY IT NOW: $12 off Caroli EVOO two large bottles with free delivery
Was: $41.99
Now: $29.99


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