LIBERTY LAKE, Wash.— It will come as no surprise to beer lovers in the region that the beer and brewing community here is awesome.

It’s so awesome it brought Erin Whitney and her husband Richard to Liberty Lake from the Tri-Cities to chase their dreams of opening a brewery.

Erin said the two looked for a place to open their brewery, Snow Eaters Brewing Company, in the Tri-Cities area, but didn’t find what they were looking for.

“We looked here, but nothing really caught our eyes. Then we came over to the Spokane area and it was like everywhere they showed us was perfect,’ said Erin.

Erin said the brewing community of eastern Washington met them with open arms.

“It was really nice. Everyone treated us more like family, and not like competition,” said Erin.

Home brewing was always a passion of Richard’s, according to Erin. She said she became interested in brewing as something to do and really liked it.

“I started brewing and really liked how creative it was. There are so many flavors and endless ingredients to use,” said Erin.

The name ‘Snow Eaters’ came after the two spent time with their friends trying to find the perfect northwest name.

“We tried a few things, a couple of the names were already taken, and then it came to us. My husband is a pilot so he deals a lot with winds and Snow Eaters is the nick name for the Chinook Winds,” said Erin.

Photo: Snow Eaters Brewing Company

Erin also described herself as a mountain girl who was ready to take the leap and move closer to the Rockies.

Erin said Richard is making a lot of what will be used in the brewery, including the tables and a lot of the metal work.

Photo: Snow Eaters Brewing Company

The two said they hoped to have the brewery opened by the first of the year.

More information about the up and coming brewery can be found on their Facebook page.