SPOKANE, Wash. – Despite Amazon not picking Spokane for its second headquarters location, there are some other signs of economic development coming to the Inland Northwest.

Greater Spokane Incorporated and the Spokane International Airport teamed up last month to make a pitch that would bring a new Boeing factory to Spokane.

A task force is working to attract the design, production and final assembly of Boeings newest mid-sized airplane called the “NMA.” Boeing is expected to announce the launch of a new midsize airplane sometime in 2018.

The work group plans to hold its first meeting this month.

Another company, Katerra, is already planning to open up shop here.

Greater Spokane announced last fall the company would be breaking ground for its new timber facility in the Spokane Valley. The factory will produce cross-laminated timber and Glulam, also known as glued laminated timber.

According to Katerra officials, the construction of the new facility will create 150 jobs.

Earlier this year, Katerra announced the acquisition of Spokane’s Nystrom Olson Architecture, a boutique studio that specializes in environmentally sustainable architecture.

Construction is still underway at the new facility, but it is expected to be done by January of next year.