SPOKANE, Wash. – Leaders of a Spokane non-profit said they are not happy with President Donald Trump’s recent executive orders

Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane organizers said they are unhappy with his immigration order, rolling back the Affordable Care Act, moving forward with plans to build a wall between Mexico and the United States as well as advancing the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone Xl Pipeline.

The local non-profit and other community members gathered outside Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ office in Downtown Spokane office.

“We hope that she will feel a little bit of the heat, the pressure, and realize how many of her constituents do not support, his agenda, and are asking her to represent them to represent all of her constituents,” said Shar Licthy, Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane organizer.

As they rallied outside, one by one demonstrators went up to the sixth floor, waited at her office door for a chance to drop off post cards written by other constituents and to get a chance to voice their concerns to her staff.

"I'm here for my clients with mental health issues, and I feel like the Affordable Care Act provides them services and medications they wouldn't get other wise and having a lack in those services would be detrimental to Spokane," said Robert Youmt.

Not everyone feels the urge to resist the actions of the president. Especially when it comes to the immigration order.

"It's to protect the country, I mean I feel safer knowing that ISIS is not going to have that chance to put the operatives in the refugees right now. I think Trump went about it pretty sloppily but he's not a politician," said Michelle Stewart.

Stewart said she is not a Trump supporter but she understands he is the Commander in Chief whether people like or not.

"He was sworn in, he is our president I voted for other candidate but is my president,” said Stewart. "Maybe is going to do a good job, give him a chance, he's barely in office."

McMorris Rodgers responded to the protest later on Wednesday on Facebook. She said hearing from her constituents makes her a better representative.