SPOKANE, Wash. — The most popular Christmas candy in Washington is candy canes, according to a survey from Candystore.com.

Along with the holidays also comes seasonal treats like candy canes and other peppermint flavored products.

While the survey results show candy canes as a favorite in Washington, other state's across the nation have different results.

The survey shows the most popular Christmas candy in Idaho is M&Ms. In Oregon, it is Reese’s Minis.

To get the results, the website took a survey of 50,000 of its customers. It then took the survey results and compared them with seasonal observations across candy manufacturers and distributors.

Also included are each state’s second and third most popular Christmas candies. Washington’s second most popular candy is Reese’s minis. The third most popular is Skittles.

Graphic from Candystore.com

Check out the full survey results on the interactive map below. Hover over any state to see the top three Christmas candies for that area.

Source: CandyStore.com