SPOKANE, Wash.-- Rhonda-T Warren and her partner Mitch own the Terra Farm Sanctuary in Spokane County.

Warren carries with her a respect for all beings, one of the reason she eats a plant-based diet.

She calls herself a vegan, but for reasons that are different than some would think.

"The clarification needs to be made that veganism is an ethical and moral stance rather than just a diet," said Warren. "The difference is a plant-based diet is consumed by vegans, however, all plant-based eaters are not necessarily vegan," she said.

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According to Warren, veganism is an attitude.

"No individual should be used as a resource for food, for entertainment, for products, goods, services..." said Warren. "It's a matter of compassion, it's a matter of justice, freedom."

Warren said the societal trend has taken over the word vegan.

"Now that it is becoming more prevalent in society there are businesses who want to grab onto that market share, they want to incorporate a vegan option," she said.

Warren said this is good, since she believes in plant-based eating.

"However, if there is no realization as to what vegan means and you are just throwing the term around, it becomes detrimental to the cause, it really does because it's not the same," she said. "We want to educate people, so if you're eating a plant-based diet, that's great. These are the other things you can do to help the animals, you know, and the byproduct of that as you're helping yourself and you're helping the environment."

Warren said she is not saying she wants the word vegan to disappear off menus completely, she just wants to make sure the word vegan is being used with the terms "plant-based dieting" so that more can understand what is being said.

Information on the Terra Farm Sanctuary can be found on their website.