SPOKANE, Wash. -- About 20 artists gathered to work on individual pieces to decorate an alley in the Garland District for a mural festival.

Artists in specialties like spray painting, brush painting and graphic design displayed their talent on walls along an alley between Post St. and Monroe St.

"I just think it's so incredible that I get to be a part of the community and a part of this," said Rachel Lenz, one of the painters.

A specialist in horror art, Lenz worked on a large mural she called, "Zelda the Zombie."

She stood on a ladder and filled in the outline for the design with bright green paint.

"It's so cool to see everybody come together and share supplies. I just can't wait to walk through once it's done," she said.

A couple of small buildings away from from Lunz's painting, artist Jamie Burton worked on her piece titled, "Just be Kind."

"I'm going to share the message of "Be kind" and put a little kindness into the world," Burton said.

She arrived to her spot to start painting early Saturday morning but said she would need the rest of the day to finish her piece.

"I white-washed the wall so I'd have a clean slate to work on," she said. "I've got my sketch here, and I'm just working away."

Just across from her mural, Daniel Lopez was spray painting the final white streaks on his piece.

Created with only black and white paint, the painting displayed what Lopez said was the flash from a camera capturing a lion's face behind a cage in a dark room.

"I feel like it's a representation of where I am in life right now," Lopez said. "It's a sudden awareness of potential."

Each of the artists said they felt privileged to be a part of the collective project to vividly expand the culture of the Garland District.

"The Garland District is so rich in food and art anyways that this just really encompasses what this neighborhood is," said Rachel Lenz.