SPOKANE, Wash. — The run on toilet paper has folks in the Pacific Northwest thinking outside the bowl for ways to take care of their tush.

Toilet paper is flying off shelves, forcing stores to limit packs to one per customer.

The scarcity of certain products has left most folks high and dry, leading to an online interest in finding toilet paper alternatives.

In fact, a recent survey by Lawn Starter found out of 81 metro cities, Spokane was the second most interested in toilet paper substitutes.

But for those in a real bind, they are apparently turning to bidets.

TUSHY, an online bidet company, reports bidets sales in the Pacific Northwest are up tenfold.

“As much as I wish the sudden and drastic rise in bidet sales happened because the residents of Washington and Oregon woke up this week and realize that bidets were much more hygienic, sustainable and cost effective than toilet paper, its actually the TP shortage that’s causing this (ongoing) sales spike,” says TUSHY CEO Jason Ojalvo.

Bidet aficionado Laryn Vella sings its praises. In less than one week, Vella reports using less than ¼ roll of toilet paper.

“You can’t bring a broom to do a mop’s job,” said Vella.

“The reality is, once you use a bidet to clean after pooping you cannot go back to wiping with toilet paper. You’ve learned too much! Wiping seems not just inefficient, but also barbaric, by comparison,” said TUSHY’s Abra Williams.

TUSHY’s base model sells for $79. However, several models at various price point can be found online.

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