SPOKANE, Wash. — Editor's Note: The above video features this year's ceremonial first fish delivery.

Spokane restaurants will start serving the famous Copper River salmon as early as next week.

Anthony's at Spokane Falls said they will be serving the salmon next week as shipments start to arrive from Seattle.

"Yes we are. We just put that information out to our servers," an Anthony's spokesperson said.

The season’s first catch of the coveted Copper River salmon arrived in Seattle on Friday morning. Thousands of pounds of the prized salmon arrived at Sea-Tac Airport at about 6:30 a.m. 

The fish from Alaska’s Copper River Delta is considered a delicacy as it contains some of the highest fat content you can find, therefore making it tastier. 

The fish are shipped soon after they are pulled from the water to eagerly awaiting restaurants and customers.

Copper River Salmon can go for $60 a pound. 

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