Parents at Ferris High School are zipping up their costumes, donning their false eyelashes, and preparing to take the stage this week for the 57th annual "Ham on Regal."

Ham on Regal is variety show at Ferris High school put on by parents. Ham on Regal averages around $85 thousand dollars in proceeds, earning more than $2.5 million in the program's history, all of which has benefitted the school. 

The impact of the money Ham on Regal raises can't be understated. 

"It benefits every classroom and every program at ferris high school," said another one of Ham's show chairs, Carla Roshetko.  

This year's theme is "To Hamfinity and Beyond." There are 14 different song and dance numbers, and 13 SNL type skits. 

Parents start rehearsing for the colossal program nearly a year before the show goes on. Hundreds of parents participate. 

"We have 234 parents who have dedicated over 10 thousand hours to put this show on," Chet said. 

Some parents are repeat performers. There are parents who have performed in the show anywhere from six to 18 years in a row. 

Parents sat through hair and makeup Tuesday, for their performance in front of Ferris students that morning. In some numbers, they wore pictures of their kids on their chests, so it was easily identifiable whose parent was giving their all on stage. 

And the kids were loving it. 

"[The kids] cheer, and they yell, and they scream, and they sing along with us," one parent said. "It's really fun to embarrass them."

The tradition started when the school opened in 1963, when a group of parents decided to put on a theater production to raise money for the new school. 

"And 57 years later a bigger group of parents are putting on a theater production," said one of Ham's show chairs, Chet Roshetko. 

Ham on Regal has shows Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week at 7 p.m. 

There are two shows on Saturday, one at 1:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.

You can get tickets for $9 on Ham on Regal's website.

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