SPOKANE, Wash. — The "Underwater Bubble Show" is traveling the world with a modern day theme that everyone can understand, and it is here in Spokane.

About 41 different countries have experienced the show full of color, performers and bubbles.

On Thursday, a married couple from Latvia prepared for the show's debut Friday night, a story meant to be shared with both children and adults.

The story begins with "Mr. B," a man living his life distracted by modern day technology, keeping him out of touch with reality.

Something that the show's creators can relate to in their own way.

"The story of this show is literally the story of our lives because we were making our career, 15 years, already working in the international show business and we --- things went so well that we were working (and) working," said Dace Pezzoli, co-creator for the show.

Her husband and co-creator Enrico Pezzoli agreed.

"There is a journey and the main character passes through this journey and transforms," he said.

The show is meant to make the audience feel as if they are part of the main character's dream and underwater.

Bubbles, special effects and many performances make it all possible as the audience follows the main character as he searches happiness.

As a show with no dialogue, the colors and emotion, create a compelling story.

The show is the first of the theater's new "Fox Family Series."

The show on Friday Oct. 13 will start at the Fox Theater at 7:00 p.m.

If you would like to attend you can buy tickets online, by calling (509) 624-1200 and at any TicketsWest outlet.

Tickets range from $19-45 for children, and $30-60 for adults.