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'We couldn't let Halloween not be Halloween': Liberty Lake family gets creative to celebrate

Many community members are adapting to the spooky season in a new way.

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — Halloween is about getting together, dressing up and spending time in your community -- but the pandemic is creating new challenges for how people celebrate, like this family in Liberty Lake.

It is no longer trick OR treat, its trick AND treat. That is if you are at the Seely's house.

"I thought, we can make something," said Ray Seely. "We've got a lot of junk, so now we have a social distanced candy distributor."

He is not an engineer, but Seely put on his thinking cap to help his neighborhood celebrate Halloween safely, while still having fun.

"I thought about it and thought if I can just hook it up, we can make that little slide," he added. "Then you stand here socially distanced six feet away, drop it, and they pick it up."

His three kids did not want to miss out on the holiday spirit, so his creation allowed their family to continue their tradition of dressing up and getting candy. 

The hardest part of social distancing is not getting to be close to her friends, said Danica, 8, but she understands why the distance protocols are put into place. She is grateful her dad made the chute. 

Credit: Morgan Trau
Danica, 8, and Silas, 7, Seely

"Its cool that you can put the candy down and kids can just go get it instead of being next to each other," she added.  

The chute may be made up of cornhole boards, googly eyes, and pool noodles, but it is so much more than that for their family.

"Halloween is just part of that celebration and community, and friends and family and people and just go out and have fun," Ray Seely added. "We couldn't let Halloween not be Halloween."