THORNTON — It's haunting season.

Each Halloween, thousands of people buy tickets and stand in lines so they can have the privilege of walking through a scene designed to terrify them.

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The Haunted Field of Screams is one of those places. The 30-acre corn field has four separate attractions, each designed with a different chilling theme.

You can take a virtual reality walk through the signature one, Condemned, as a preview:

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Another attraction, Zombie Paintball Massacre, gives visitors the chance to fight off a zombie outbreak using paintball guns.

There is also a haunted corn maze and a carnival-themed haunt.

The Haunted Field of Screams is located in Thornton and is open each year from the end of September until at least Halloween.

This year, they will also be hosting a blackout event the weekend after Halloween where all of the lights will be out and visitors will use only glow sticks to find their way through each attraction.

Tickets to the Haunted Field of Screams are $40 - $70 depending on upgrades for faster access. All tickets include entry into all of the attractions.

Learn more and buy tickets: