SPOKANE, Wash.— Firefighters have a warning for people grabbing the Christmas decorations and cranking up the holiday tunes.

Officials with Spokane County Fire District Four said a beautifully decorated home can quickly become a fire disaster if people are not careful.

SCFD 4 Captain Megan Hill said nearly half of the fires started during the holiday season are the result of a heat source being too close to something flammable. That is not just space heaters and candles, but also Christmas lights.

"The outdoor burn hotter and so that makes a bit of a hazard and also if you've got any frayed wires, then you could have an electrical fire that could just start that tree and then spread to the rest of the house,” said Hill.

Hill said throwing out lights that are too old helps prevent fires.

Captain Hill also said many Christmas tree fires actually happen in January, after the holiday because people keep them too long.