SPOKANE, Wash.— A Spokane boy’s night was made when he got to walk the bases at a Spokane Indians game Thursday night.

Mikee Kirstein has a rare medical condition called Altering Hemiplegia of Childhood that affects his ability to walk and heat sends him into paralyzing episodes.

Heidi Kirstein, Mikee’s mom, said their family has been attending the Spokane Indians games a couple times a year since 2012 when Mikee’s health allows them to go.

Heidi said the night games allowed Mikee to get outside more often and quickly became one of his favorite activities.

Mikee Kirstein.

Thursday night Mikee asked his family if he could run the bases with the other kids at the end of the game. At the end of games, it’s tradition for kids to flood the field to run the bases and hang out.

"Mikee has been there a few times were they've done it, but we just went forward with it because he moves at a slower pace and we didn't know if his wheelchair could be in the field but Mikee asked us if he could do," Heidi explained.

Mikee’s parents said they were worried at first that Mikee would have trouble keeping up.

“His legs only work 50 percent of the time, if he’s lucky. His father and I were hesitant because the other kids book it, like they should,” said Heidi.

The obstacles did not stop the family from helping Mikee get his wish. Heidi said they located an employee to ask if they could at least take the wheelchair down to the field. The employee hustled to ask permission and minutes later another man in a red shirt went up to the family and told them they were good to go.

Mikee’s mom asked if they could go last. She said she knew Mikee would need extra time to get around the field. She said she didn’t want to hold up the other excited kids.

While the family waited and watched the other kids run their bases a decision was made.

“Mikee decided he didn’t want to be in his chair. He wanted to walk,” said Heidi.

The Spokane Indians staff rallied around Mikee as he walked the bases.

Photo by Heidi Kirstein

“It was truly an awesome night. The last time we saw him that excited is when he went on his make a wish trip! Truly appreciate everything that the Spokane Indians Staff did for my family last night! Mikee was talking about it literally tell he fell asleep,” said Heidi.

The family said they were so thankful to all the Spokane Indians staff that made Mikee’s night.

"We know that Spokane is amazing with the special needs community and everything like that. But to have people go out of their way out of no where it really touched out hearts," said Heidi.