Massive snowfall in the Inland Northwest has led to driveways covered in thick mush and plows have created sidewalk berms feet high. But neighbors have been helping others dig out of the mess. 

Alma Myers and her husband Brian were thankful for their Spokane Valley neighbors.

"I haven't been able to get out, because one of my boys is sick," Alma Myers said. "And so the neighbor kids came out and... did part of our sidewalk, which is really appreciated."

That good deed has inspired them to pay it forward to other folks on their street.

"I'm gonna go over there and help them out," Brian said, pointing around the corner. "She's baking some cookies in the oven, so I'm gonna go over there and take those over."

The community used their Facebook page to connect snowed-in neighbors with eager snowblowers and shovelers like Karl Snow. Yes, that is his name.

"I wish I had the blower, I have the shovel," Snow said. 

"My son did most of this," he added, pointing at his driveway.

While his son took care of the driveway, Snow shoveled the driveway for his neighbor across the street. 

"Just this morning, [we were] helping our neighbor so she could dig out," he said. "She's a nurse over at Valley Hospital and she needed to get in there, so time to dig her out."

Snow and the Myers family said the storm would be much tougher to deal with without their close community.

"It'd be even more of a mess than it already is. It really would be," Snow said. "You'd just feel alone. And here I know if I really need the help, I can get it." 

"Everyone here is so friendly, they're always helping each other out," Alma Myers said.

And this story is one replicated around the region.

Alexandria Jasinski lives in Airway Heights. She's in the military, as is her husband. They had twins just last December and he was deployed only a few days afterwards.

Last night, she saw one of her neighbors shoveling for her.

"They knew that we had kids, and without even asking they just did it," Jasinski said. "Last night she came over and did the driveway and the sidewalk."

Jasinski said the act of kindness was very important for her given everything on her plate. 

"It just meant a lot that they took the time. They didn't have to but they did. Last night when it was snowing pretty hard, dumping down. She came over and did it."

On Facebook, dozens of commenters from around the INW shared their own stories of friendly neighbors doing the extra work to help those around them get out of the storm.