SPOKANE, Wash. —

Since the beginning of the stay-at-home order a Spokane family has been decorating their front yard with a skeleton in quarantine themed fashion. 

Their young daughter Zoe Legg named the skeleton Stacey after her first Halloween.  

“We were stuck at home and thought it would be fun to pull her out and dress her up for something to do together,” shared Liz Legg. When the Legg family took their creativity to a whole new level neighbors started to take notice. 

What started as a one time project turned into an everyday appearance from Stacey the skeleton, with almost 60 different front yard displays. 

“It started to snowball and the neighbors loved it. I was personally committed to doing it for the neighborhood,” said Lizz Legg. It takes about an hour and a half each morning to set up and think of different creative themes to use on Stacey the skeleton.

“One of my favorites was the Zoom meeting where we found all the different skeletons she could be talking to. We also had Stacey at a zoo where  all of Zoe’s animals were out in different enclosures,” Legg said. 

Neighbors were  encouraged to walk by and spot all of the animals. 

“It’s been really fun meeting neighbors and meeting other kids in the neighborhood. It’s given us something to share and look forward to everyday,” Legg said.

You can check up on what Stacey the skeleton is up to on social media through Instagram @stacy_the_skeleton

“As difficult as it has been with coronavirus going on, I think it's important for people to find ways to have fun and enjoy themselves,” said Legg.  

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