SPOKANE, Wash. — It's an uncertain time for many people as concerns continue surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic. But groups of people are popping up all across the Inland Northwest who are helping each other by sharing supplies with people who need them.

One group called the Neighborly Food Exchange is using the Nextdoor to help neighbors fulfill some of their basic grocery needs in a time where store shelves were empty for days at a time. 

Someone would post about something they needed, like flour, milk, or sugar, and neighbors who had extra would help out by sharing some of their extra supplies.

But upon talking to one of the groups founders, Erik Nelson, he says that's not what happened at all.

"About 90 percent of people posting what they have to share, and about 10 percent asking for what they need," Nelson said. "So that was really a shock. And it just gives a chance for neighbors to help neighbors, and that's what we are."

If you look at the Food Exchange Page itself, neighbors are offering up all sorts of items for grabs, like brown rice, cleaner, spaghetti sauce, and towels, to name a few items.

One woman woman who asked for lemons and tomatoes to help with her nausea from chemo therapy found supplies waiting on her doorstep just hours later. 

Nelson says he doesn't think this is something new to Spokane, he says this is the way people living in the Inland Northwest have always supported each other.

"That's what makes up Spokane, that's the magic of this community, its that we are very friendly, we talk to our neighbors, we talk to each other, we don't walk by without saying hello," Nelson said. "We're just very sociable people, and doing things like this provides an outlet for us to come together and just show the world how Spokane can be strong."

 As of Thursday morning there are dozens of people who have joined in-- with more than a hundred comments so far... And Nelson says there are groups like this being broadcast all across the Spokane area. 

If you want to start or join a group, it's easy. once you join your local community on Nextdoor, is share what you need, and what you might have- and our Inland Together community will do the rest.

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