SPOKANE, Wash. — Winter weather has not been a friend to drivers but it has not been all bad thanks to a local group. 

Volunteers with Man the Family Up (MTFU) have pulled over 40 cars from ditches or tough spots in the past three weeks after creating a roadside assistance crew on the Facebook group.

Chris Morse founded MTFU when he was ready to delete his Facebook page, but decided to try and use social media to point the community in a better direction. The group has grown since its beginnings and now boasts more than 58,000 members. 

A member of MTFU saw a need during snowstorms in Spokane and decided to form the committee of volunteers within the group.

Once they become aware of someone in need, often through a Facebook post on the MTFU Family page, they see who is in the area and able to help.

The winter weather has made their help very valuable.

"Very busy, very busy," said Brad Wolkersdorfer, a member of the group. "Pulling people stuck out of ditches, or just stuck on ice has been our busiest thing. It's a really great team effort that the guys – you know, it's good camaraderie. We've just got your back." 

As of March 2, the crew performed 41 pull-outs, 12 jump starts, four lock-outs, six gas-ups, five tows, five repairs and five flat tire changes. They also gave two rides and retrieved one set of keys from a storm drain. 

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