SPOKANE, Wash. — Maybe you've seen them across Spokane over the past few weeks: window sills filling up with stuffed, fluffy friends.

It's part of an effort to promote excitement and exploration for local kids, and parents who are looking for ways to engage and entertain their children in the continuing age of social distancing and "stay at home" orders.

So when it's time to give their kids a walk down the street, why not turn their neighborhood stroll into a Bear Hunt?

"We love our neighborhood," says Ashley Mann, just before taking her own children down Hogan Street on the South Hill. "And it's so great that everybody is coming together to try and make this a fun time for the kids."

Based off the popular children's book "Going On A Bear Hunt," the trend continues to grow across the Inland Northwest.

Mann says it's efforts like these that have helped her find a positive spin on Washington's "stay home" order.

"It's actually been kind of a blessing because we get to spend so much more time with our kids," says Mann. "When everybody's working, you're not normally home all during the day, so we're enjoying soaking up the time."

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