If you are wondering what to get that healthy person in your life for the holidays, look no further.

KREM 2's Rose Beltz talked to fitness gurus around the world to see what they would buy.

Here's who we talked to:

  • Maria Weber, MS, RD, CDN Registered Dietitian& Integrative Nutritionist, New York

  • Jen Ramsrud, MS, RDN, LD, CDRegistered Dietitian Nutritionist, Heritage Health, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

  • Lorna C. Ciccone, NBC-HWC, Health Coach Certified Pranic Healer www.findinghealthfulness.com

  • Gudelia Pineda: Personal Trainer : Equinox Fitness, Los Angeles, California

  • Betty Herberger Personal Trainer, Genetic Potential Academy, Fernandina Beach, Florida

  • Nicco Zenere , Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Health Coaching HQ Chicago , healthcoachinghq.com

  • Sabrina Gonder, Health Coach, GetHealthyWithSabrina.com , Spokane, Washington

  • Karen Knowler: Chef and Author of “Raw Food Made Simple”, United Kingdom

It turns out, you do not have to be a professional chef, athlete or gym lover to love these gifts, though. Here are some tips for buying the perfect "healthy" gift!

Give the gift of flexibility. Do not give a gift that can only be used for one thing.

For under $25, you can buy those foodies a staple cookbook, catered to their appetite. Exotic collections of herbs, spices and raw dark chocolates are a good gift, too. They are tasty and healthy.

(Photo: Thinkstock)
(Photo: Thinkstock)

Essential oils are a non-toxic remedy for many ailments including muscle tension and anxiety. They are safe enough to create overall wellness in your entire home and some of them are edible. A starter kit can be purchased for the cost of $25 to $50.

A few studies suggest alkaline water may increase oxygen delivery throughout out the body. Some health advocates believe the higher pH water has benefits like immune support, cancer resistance, weight loss, anti-aging and other detoxifying properties. For under $50 you can gift an ion pod, which turns acidic tap water into alkaline water.

There are alternative therapies which some trainers say is a secret weapon for speedy recoveries and aging, too. Whole body cryogenic and myofascial release treatments can be found anywhere from $33 to $100.

Weekly food preparation can take a lot of time and energy. An introduction subscription plan for a high-performance meal delivery is perfect for an athlete or someone in your life wanting to make positive changes.

Young woman buying fruit in a supermarket
Young woman buying fruit in a supermarket

Never under estimate personal training and nutrition sessions, cooking lessons, yoga and cross fit classes or a professional facial tailored to their skin. These are all unique holiday gifts to surprise and pamper your fitness friend. Plus, you can easily find group discounts on-line, or support your favorite local business.

People who work out are building and breaking down muscles. For under $50, you can help elevate regular pain and soreness from their workouts with a trigger point foam roller which is also a great stress reliever to use at work.

If you have a larger budget of $100 you can gift a fitness tracker. Some the smart wearables are designed to be worn as a piece of jewelry. Some trainers say they are one of the most helpful pieces of technology to keep you motivated.

A mini blender is super convenient for people who want to make healthy drinks to grab and go about their day!

Throw in a Hydroflask that runs about $25 to keep those smoothies and protein shakes fresh and cold!

A "Tea of the Month" Club allows you to sample gourmet teas all year long ranging from $50 to $100.

If you really are lost for ideas, a gift card is always a safe bet.

Running on an anti-gravity treadmill or rock climbing are unique ways of working out and a great way to mix up without getting bored, too.