SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. – About a year ago, KREM told the story of a young Afghan refugee who fled his home country with his family during the war and faced hardship at every turn.

Last April, local Facebook group "Man the Family Up" MTFU gifted Aziz Moltafet with a $2,000 check and a car to help him, his mother and brothers get to work and school. 

In June, Moltafet became a United States citizen while he was a senior at Mead High School. Now he and his family are hoping to take full advantage of the American Dream.

Moltafet and his brother Ahmad have launched an online business selling T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts with designs they themselves created.

The business called "Lucapello" went live in March and the brothers said it is a product of the love and support they have experienced since coming to the Spokane area.

Moltafet said teachers, coworkers, friends and MTFU all made him believe he could achieve his goals.

He also said this is an opportunity to help support his mother who sacrificed a lot to bring him and his brothers to America and put them in school.

"The American dream for me is having a home, having a car, having a good job, being a part of something big and being able to help someone else who needs help," Moltafet said. "Family has always been important to me in my culture, and family is the most important thing because as a big son you have to take care of your family and support them."

His younger brother, who is 17, feels the same way.

"My mom has done a lot for me and I feel like I need to give a little back," Ahmad Moltafet said. "She did sacrifice a lot and I feel like I owe her [a] lot more and I feel like if I can do something to help her out I will."

Ahmad Moltafet has a passion for drawing and design, while his older brother has a passion for his family. Together they are the perfect team.

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