SPOKANE, Wash. — For 17 years, Alex Mickshl has waved a large American flag near I-90 on Sept. 11.

He said it’s his way of continuing to honor the 343 first responders who died while responding to the 9/11 attacks.

“We’re the United States of America, and I think we do everything better when we’re united and when we’re together,” he said.

For most of the day on Wednesday he stood on a cliff near the interstate and Third Ave. waving a large American flag for passing traffic to see.

Jaymeson Ziegert and her son, Lennon, saw the display as they drove home from kindergarten.

“We were driving down, and I looked up and saw a firefighter taking his time in uniform, waving a flag up on this rock,” Ziegert said.

She said she has always taught her son about the significance of 9/11, but seeing this firefighter on a hill gave the lesson more meaning.

“(My son) looks up, and he says, ‘America,’” Ziegert said.

She said Lennon wants to be a firefighter, and for him to see Mickshl serving outside of his everyday duty inspired the three-year-old even more.

“He sees the flag and says, ‘That’s the American flag,’” Ziegert said.

“I just want people to remember that day,” Mickshl said. “Not so much the tragedy of that day, but for what happened after it. I feel like this country really came together in the aftermath of this,” Mickshl said.

“How amazing that he’s taking his own time to remember all these fallen heroes,” Ziegert said.

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