With summer right around the corner and temperatures warming up, picnic season is here. One local woman started a business to bring luxury picnicking to Spokane.

Rachel Killpack, founder of Pop Up Picnics Spokane, brings blankets, pillows, tables and glassware to parks around Spokane to set up luxury picnics for her customers.

"I'll go away while they have their picnic, and then they can just call me when they're finished. And I will come and tidy it all away and go home and do the washing up," Killpack said.

Inspiration for Pop Up Picnics Spokane came from friends in Australia who do something similar and her grandmother.

"It was just always so special to go out as kids and have it laid out like this. My grandmother had a hamper that would have all this fine bone china and glassware, so it just made it so special," Killpack said.

Killpack started the business to keep busy after her move to Spokane from Australia six months ago.

"I think it just gets my creative side going, so I see what somebody else has done, so I mess around with it a bit and come up with different ideas," Killpack said.

Her picnics start at $99 and she can accommodate up to 20 people per setup.

She said her favorite part about starting Pop Up Picnics Spokane has been meeting her customers.

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