SPOKANE, Wash. — Lindaman's Gourmet-To-Go Bistro will close its doors forever on Oct. 31, owner Merrilee Lindaman announced in an email. 

"After 35 truly incredible years, I have decided to move to a new chapter in my life!" Lindaman stated. 

Lindaman expressed gratitude to all those who patronized her restaurant over the years.

"I have a memory bank full of your day to day presence in my world... of the graduations, weddings, birthdays, and the smiles that came with all of them," Lindaman wrote.

Lindaman invited patrons to celebrate the restaurant and share their memories with her and the staff before the restaurants closes on Oct. 31.

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Lindaman asked those looking for employees to keep her "wonderful staff" in mind as they would be looking for their "next stop" after the restaurant's closure. 

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Editor's Note: The video below discusses a restaurant in Spokane that allows kids to gain on the job experience and build their resumes.