SPOKANE, Wash.— One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure, or for one local brewery one man’s beer.

Bellwether Brewing Company in Spokane uses leftover fruit from a nonprofit to make some of its ales.

Bellwether Brewing Co. co-owner Thomas Croskrey said the fruit they use in their ales comes from the Spokane Edible Tree Project.

The Spokane Edible Tree Project finds uses for leftover fruit after harvest so it does not go to waste.

“This was the first time they came to me and said 'hey, we've got just crates, we've got many boxes full of these white plums that, just do the superficial skin damage, those kinds of things, still totally perfectly fine, but the food bank was unable to except them,'” said Croskrey.

Croskrey said the ale, called Harvest Plum Ale had been well received by customers.

The brewery plans on releasing a few kegs of the ale to be sold to the public soon, but they are still working on where it will be sold, according to Croskrey.