PULLMAN, Wash. — A sandwich artist at the Pullman Subway location took second in a global sandwich making contest.

Sara Tiegs may not have taken the top spot this year but she still remains one of the fastest Subway Sandwich Artists in the world.

Tiegs, who has worked for Subway for 17 years, is the manager of the Main Street Subway location in Pullman. She competed against 41 sandwich artists from across the world at the Global Sub Jammers competition this year.

Tiegs took first place in 2017 and almost achieved back-to-back wins. She beat her friend and rival Lisa Mulligan by about five seconds.

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This year, Mulligan won with just over a one-second difference. Tiegs took home the second place medal and $4,000 with a time of 48.7 seconds and tied in final scoring.

Tiegs also competed in 2015 and 2016, landing in fifth and twelfth place respectively.

The 2019 competition will be held in Toronto, Canada.

The Main Street Subway location was shut down due to arson in 2017 and is planned to open soon. In the meantime, Tiegs has worked at other locations in Whitman County.

“Lisa did a great job and deserves credit,” Tiegs said. “But this just fuels the fire to bring the title back to Pullman next year. I am excited for my store to reopen. Being able to help my regular customers will be the best practice for Toronto.”