SPOKANE, Wash. – A new brewery opened this week in downtown Spokane.

Mountain Lakes Brewing Company opened their doors to the public at their location on 201 West Riverside Avenue.

The company became an idea of home brewers Tim Hilton and Dave Basaraba were making too much beer for their family and friends at home.

Basaraba said back in September they were making 30 to 50 gallons in his garage when they decided it was time to get a license.

“Our friends were always asking, ‘When can we buy this, when can we get this?’ So we decided why not open a brewery,” said Basaraba.

Basaraba said before they decided to open Mountain Lakes Brewing Company, he put commercial refrigerators in his garage to hold all the beer.

“Being able to share beer with more people is just amazing. I grew up in Portland so ever since I’ve been an adult I’ve been surrounded by good beer,” said Basaraba.

Mountain Lakes Brewing Company has a variety of beers including pales, goldens, porters, and even seasonals.