Oh, Idaho.

As Halloween quickly approaches, a new study from CandyStore.com took a look at the data to figure out what candy is the most popular in all of the states.

Across the nation, on October 31, kids and their sneaky parents will dig into delicious treats as part of an annual tradition – getting free candy from your neighbors while in costume.

Up in Alaska, they enjoy Twix the most, while Illinois goes for Sour Patch Kids. Californians are partial to M&Ms, while Oregonians go for the perfectly reasonable Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

But Idaho. The Gem State loves their candy corn. So much so that it is the most popular Halloween candy in the state. In fact, candy corn was the state favorite last year too!

Idahoans bought 85,903 pounds of candy corn last year. That is a lot of candy corn, and I just don’t understand why.

Full disclosure, you are perfectly entitled to love candy corn. In fact, this reporter has been known to enjoy it on occasion.

But to have it be your FAVORITE? That’s where I draw the line. Candy corn is what you eat after having eaten all the other delectable candy options. Like Idaho’s second favorite candy, Starbursts, or our third favorite candy, Reese’s Cups.

Idaho isn’t alone in their love of candy corn. Alarmingly, the states of Michigan, New Mexico, Alabama, Rhode Island and South Carolina are all also apparently candy corn fans.

Source: CandyStore.com.