SPOKANE, Wash. — A family tradition is impressing many who frequent a Spokane bar on Sunday nights, and family members said it’s their way of bonding while also doing what they love.

The Lasalle family is like any other family, made up of siblings with very different styles and tastes. However, they do have something in common and it becomes obvious as soon as the music starts. 

Jesse Lasalle, 21, is part of a family karaoke act and he loves to sing anything by Frank Sinatra. Jean Lasalle, 22, typically sings Disney villan songs.

Josiah Lasalle, 17, usually sings something a little more contemporary and prefers country music. 

When the boys and their parents get together for karaoke night at the Garland Pub and Grill on Sunday nights, each of them are usually tapping their foot to a different tune with the same passion for singing.

"It’s brings people together and it also brings emotion and also character into people’s lives," Jesse said.

"It’s so funny with the way some of them are just goofy, full of personality," said Dawn Lasalle, the boys' mother.

For the past seven months, Dawn and her husband Chris have been making karaoke night on Garland a tradition with their boys.

"After the first night they were like, please come back," Chris said, laughing. "So we’ve been coming every Sunday if we can."

Dawn said what really surprised the family when they first started the tradition was Jean’s response to karaoke night as someone living with Autism.

"A lot of times they don’t handle crowds well, they don’t handle high action, you know, when there’s a lot going on and stuff, but he does great with it," she said.

"It’s awesome, to show people around here that I can do it," Jean said. "It’s a blast being with my brothers singing."

Jon Campbell runs karaoke night at the Garland Pub and Grill on Sundays. Sometimes he even joins in to sing with the Lasalle family.

"They are a great family, I love having them come," said Campbell, who works for LimeLight 509. "They get amazing cheers, everybody just goes crazy for them and we love having them."