Wednesdays may be known for the middle-of-the-week blues, but for Gonzaga University students, just say “Cookie Night” and they’ll all know what you mean.

It’s a Gonzaga tradition.

Imagine your grandmother’s freshly baked cookies still sizzling from the tray, then add a crisp glass of milk plus a hint of anticipation to the mix and that’s Gonzaga’s Cookie Night.

Cookie Night happens every Wednesday from 8:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. at Sub Connection, located in the basement of a dorm near the heart of campus.

The perk of the cookies? The price. Students can purchase a dozen chocolate chip cookies and two milk cartons for $5.

Some students say they dedicate more than an hour to wait in line.

"I've had to wait an hour one time." said sophomore student Moorea Makis "You have to time it right for sure."

Baked at 350 degrees, each cookie is delicate, warm and handcrafted to melt in your mouth.

“It’s really tasty, they’re really hot and fresh,” said junior student Alie Daly. “It’s so worth it. They’re super good and they’re really cheap.”

Not only do students go for the taste, but it's also used as a study break.

"We wanted some cookies because it's been a long midterms week and why not?" said Makis. "We're going to do some more studying, maybe get some Sonic as well."

Students say the cookies are worth the wait. Lines can be seen extending outside of the door most of the time, but if you're lucky, the wait is only a few minutes.

"I think the vibe of Cookie Night just makes them good. Just coming with a big group of friends, it's a nice community," Makis said.

No matter what year you are or what year you graduated, if you were a GU student, you'll most likely be able to remember the gooey cookies just by its smell.