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Boise couple finds pair of baby squirrels in their backyard, nurses them back to health

The squirrels were found alone unaccompanied by their mother.

BOISE, Idaho — Have you ever been taking a walk on the Boise Greenbelt and seen little squirrels running through the grass and climbing the trees? Have you ever wished you could get just close enough to one to pet it and make friends with it?

One Boise couple had the opportunity to become more than friends with a pair of squirrel siblings. In fact, they were given the opportunity to essentially adopt them.

A pair of baby squirrels were found in Glenn and Michelle's backyard without their mother. Rather than hoping the mother would return or contacting animal control, the couple decided to take in the little squirrels and nurse them back to health.

Glenn and Michelle have spent the last several weeks caring for the squirrels as if they were house pets, slowly nursing them into strong adults. They decided to name the babies Sissy and Scratt.

The couple certainly has some very big hearts.

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