SPOKANE, Wash. — Nursing and veterinary students at Washington State University hosted a free clinic for about 100 people with low incomes and their pets.

People received vaccinations, immunizations and health screenings while their pets got tick shots and a checkup.

The students traveled from Pullman to Spokane for the clinic.

Gale Oneal, founder of the "Healthy People Healthy Pets" clinic, said she had always noticed how people who may not be able to afford regular care for themselves still put their animals first.

"They would forgo their own meals to give the pets a meal," Oneal said. "They would make sure the pet was wrapped in a blanket."

When she started the clinic in 2016, she said she knew having support for the animals was important.

"We're low-income, so something like this just really helps us keep our animals healthy," said Ashley Gordon while her cat, Goober, was getting his vaccinations.

The clinic has also given hundreds of people supplies for their pets, like treat, tick shots and leashes. Courtney Gordon said that's why she brought her dog, Annie, to the clinic.

"She's two years old, and I didn't have her vaccinated because I couldn't afford it," she said.

She and others said it was a relief to have a trusted place to go for care.

"It's just been amazing all around that people recognize a need, and they're serving the community in such a way that helps all of these animals," Ashley said.

For people with cases that required additional medical attention, the care providers referred them to outside resources for further care.

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