SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. — A hardware store in Otis Orchards is getting a lot of attention for an unofficial furry employee.

Sammy, otherwise known as Sam, has had a job at Otis Hardware for about five years.

His owner Kim Rose said he learned his skills from the manager's dog Jazzy. Jazzy wasn't necessarily looking to teach him either, but Sammy caught on by watching and learning and he definitely liked what he saw.

“He learned like on his second or third day that he was here that if he brought something to the register he would get a treat,” said Rose, an employee at Otis Hardware. “There are a handful of customers who come in just to see Sam, and they will come in, Sam knows who they are, because they have treats."

Sammy helps customers out by carrying store items to the register for a treat.

Rose said that he is actually a rescue from SCRAPS and it was love at first sight.

The pair always go to work together and Sammy always make sure Rose is within sight. 

sammy the dog
Kierra Elfalan

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