WHITEFISH, Mont. — A fire crew in Whitefish, Montana, rescued a dog who fell into an icy river on Monday afternoon.

Whitefish Fire Chief Joe Page said four firefighters responded to the scene. One firefighter in a water rescue suit swam out to the dog while another stayed on the shore.

A post about the rescue on the Whitefish Fire Department page has been shared nearly 900 times and received hundreds of interactions.

“Shout out to B-shift for helping this adorable dog who fell in the Whitefish River this afternoon. For those wondering, he is fine. He was warmed up, then he and his human were given a ride back to their car,” the post reads.

The dog was chasing a deer when he fell through the ice, Page said.

Page said water rescues at the Whitefish River are uncommon and only happen about once a year. Crews usually rescue animals.

 “A lot of times, the animals are pretty exhausted,” Page said.

On Tuesday, the dog’s owner brought him by the fire station to say thank you to the crew that rescued him.

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