The 2017 Elkfest lineup in the historic Browne’s Addition is here!

The event goes from June 9-11 and is hosted by The Elk, a local tavern.

The weekend is set be full of live music from 13 bands, food and fun.

Elkfest Director, Marshall Power, said this will be a good year for the festivities.

“We just have some great local and regional bands lined up,” Power said. “We’re excited for a great weekend.”

There will be a draw off on Saturday where two teams will have a “draw off” and attendees get to vote on their favorite.

There will also be food. Three ninjas food truck and its staff, who have previously been at Elkfest, are back for the 2017 festivities. The food truck prepares their dishes with fresh ingredients.

“We source local when we can through farmer’s markets here in town,” Steve Kitchens, member of 3 Ninjas Foods said.

Along with the food, are local bands who look forward to Elkfest every year. One of those bands, Folkinception, has been coming to the festival for six years now.

“Elkfest is always and amazing time,” Matt Mitchell, member of Folkinception, said. “These festival gigs are the best.”

Folkinception will be playing on Sunday at 4 p.m.

There are many more bands playing at Elkfest 2017! The lineup of bands for the weekend is listed below.

Friday Lineup, June 9:

  • 3p.m. – The Rub
  • 4:30p.m. – The South Hill
  • 6:30p.m. – Marshall McLean Band
  • 8:45p.m. – The Donkeys

Saturday lineup, June 10:

  • 1p.m. – The Rub
  • 2p.m. – Griffey
  • 4p.m. – Deer
  • 5:30p.m. – Lanford Black
  • 7p.m. – Fat Lady

Sunday Lineup, June 11:

  • 1 p.m. – The Rub
  • 2p.m. –River City Roots
  • 4p.m. – Folkinception
  • 6p.m. – Kalaj
  • 7:30p.m. – Shakewell
  • 9p.m. – Dustin Thomas