SPOKANE, Wash.-- Every decade has its share of beloved movie classics.

From the 70s there’s Star Wars, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Jaws and Rocky. To the 90s there’s Sandlot, Big Lebowski, Wayne’s World and Terminator 2. But, the decade in-between has a lot of them.

The 80s blessed us with Empire Strikes Back, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Beetlejuice, Die Hard, Terminator, ET, Ghostbusters, Goonies, Breakfast Club, Top Gun, Karate Kid and Predator.

An era so great it has inspired men, well mostly men, to collect toys, memorabilia, and to tattoo their bodies.

“I have Riggs’ special forces tattoo on my arm because I thought Riggs was awesome. I still think he’s awesome,” said Ryan Dean Tucker, who analyzes and reviews classic movies for KSPS.

And now, over the last few years, a handful of venues are making that possible. South Perry Summer Theater, Inlander’s Suds and Cinema, and Totally Tubular Tuesdays at the Garland.

“I know we sold out our last showing of Goonies. It was last summer and it sold out,” General Manager of the Garland theater Tana Brunson said. “It’s definitely a fun job.”

She gets to decide what gets put up on screen.

“We like to bring in what our customers want to see,” she said.

What they want to see right now is nostalgia.

“The best thing about watching those 80s movies is like watching them with your friends and like having the best time ever,” said Tucker.