SPOKANE, Wash.-- In a world without Netflix, DVDs or smartphones, there was VHS.

Fifteen years ago, most rental stores cleared their inventory of VHS tapes, pushing childhood favorites into the shadow.

Local Spokane arcade, Jedi Alliance, brought back the VHS trend on Thursday with a VHS sale.

“We were raised by VHS. I remember rewinding Labyrinth three times. That was my whole day. I watched it three times in one day because I knew that at 6 o’clock, they’re gonna take it back to the store,” said Jedi Alliance co-Owner Tyler Arnold.

Time Bomb Collectables, a store in the Garland district also keeps VHS format alive in Spokane.

The store specializes in classic toys, games and 30-year-old VHS tapes.

“Previews are awesome! You have to watch the previews on a VHS,” said Time Bomb owner Joshua Scott.